Things to see at YULblog tonight

Tonight is yet another edition of YULblog, the monthly get-together and drink-together (and then poutine-together) of Montreal’s blogging community.

I hope to make it after work, though I’m in the middle of eight consecutive shifts right now (sweet, sweet overtime money, how I will enjoy spending you) and might be semi-conscious.

For those of you who haven’t been to a YULblog before, here’s an idea of some of the sights you might encounter at La Quincaillerie:

Anglo table at YULblog

The anglo table

Laurent Maisonnave’s video camera at YULblog

Video cameras

Bright light from a video camera at YULblog

Bright lights


iPhones (and iTouches and other gadgets)



Chris Hand at YULblog

Chris Hand

Laurent Maisonnave

French people (like, you know, from France)


Pretty girls

Patrick Lagacé

Big-time bloggers with big-time hair*

Dominic Arpin

Big-time bloggers with not-so-big-time hair

Patrick and Nadia

Big-time bloggers chatting with pretty girls*

*Patrick Lagacé was shy last month and didn’t want any photos taken of him since he hadn’t seen his hairdresser in over six hours. Therefore I’ve used an identical body double (a little-known evil twin brother) to stand in for him in these photos.

7 thoughts on “Things to see at YULblog tonight

  1. Zelaurent


    Steve, t’es vraiment génial. Je suis au bureau avec Christian qui me regarde mort de rire. Si tu pouvais faire une série de photo du Yulblog à chaque fois comme ça, je suis prêt à mettre de l’argent pour les éditer dans un livre.


  2. Zeke


    I’m blushing down to my toes (thanks for the props) but I won’t be able to make it tonight. And I wholeheartedly agree with Zelaurent.


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