Montreal Geography Trivia No. 17

In 1966, after the metro was first constructed, four streets were merged into one to form de Maisonneuve Blvd., which sits on top of the green line downtown.

What were the names of these original streets, and do any of them still exist anywhere?

UPDATE: I never doubted my intrepid readers. from West to East:

  • Western, from Decarie to Atwater
  • St. Luc, from Atwater to Guy
  • Burnside, from Stanley to Union
  • Ontario (barely), from Union to Jeanne-Mance (this is also why de Maisonneuve and Ontario/President Kennedy run next to each other for no apparent reason near Place des Arts)
  • De Montigny, from St. Laurent to du Havre, where de Maisonneuve currently ends. There is a tiny part of de Montigny still left, from St. Laurent to St. Urbain, on the old street’s axis as de Maisonneuve turns up to get around Place des Arts. You’ll note, of course, that this street gave its name to the Berri-de-Montigny metro station, which was at the intersection of these two streets, until the station was renamed Berri-UQAM to appease the university, jealous that Université de Montréal had a new station named after it.

7 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 17

  1. BruB

    According to my 70 year old dad (true) it’s;

    De Montigny, Ontario and Western that still exist and Saint-Luc !

  2. Chris

    Was there nothing between Guy and Stanley? Is that why there are so many blank walls on that stretch? When was it opened up?

  3. Bryan RAWLINGS

    But Western Avenue ran from Atwater in the East to West Broadway in the West as does boul de Maisonneuve today.


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