Snap Shots(TM) are so convenient!


If you haven’t had the chance to use Snap Shots(TM) yet, then you’ve been missing out.

Snap is one of the largest distributed media networks on the Internet, already reaching 9% of the US audience (WOW!) and 35 million unique global users each month in 48 languages. Over 100 times per second, they reveal the content that users want, in the best form possible, and deliver it to them right where they are, without forcing them to click links or conduct searches.

Snap Shots (TM) products are used on over 2,000,000 websites and blogs. That’s pretty impressive, and a clear sign that these folks are doing something right. Why would 2 million people use something that wasn’t worth their while?

The way Snap Shots (TM) works is very simple: You install some code in your browser or website, and then when you hover over links, it shows a snapshot of what that link will look like. You can see a webpage before you even go there! Isn’t that way cool?

Because they’re a good corporate citizen, and there are always crazy people out there who are afraid of new technology, Snap even provides a way for people to opt out of the system, disabling it completely.

So there’s nothing to lose. Why not give it a shot?

5 thoughts on “Snap Shots(TM) are so convenient!

  1. Neath

    It is cool but I disabled it on my blog as I actually found it annoying after a while, always popping up, getting in the way of something I am looking at.

  2. Todd Loren Sinclair

    “Opt out” should never be the default for anything.
    New slogan suggestion … “You’ll be shot unless you opt out” (as in snap shot).
    People actually pay money to stop activity like this application.
    The majority on WordPress don’t even know they can disable it.


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