Habs fever

Habs flags

Everyone’s caught up with Canadiens spirit. Here, four cars back to back have Canadiens flags. They were quickly joined by a fifth, a couple of guys rushing to a nearby apartment with a case of beer.

Habs flag on STM bus

Even STM drivers are getting in on the action, including this poor soul who had to work during the first playoff game between the Canadiens and Boston Bruins tonight. Let’s hope his show of support isn’t denounced by his employer as being “vandalism.” 

2 thoughts on “Habs fever

  1. Mama Fagstein

    Your grand-parents sent me all over the West-Island to find a “Canadians” Flag to stick out of their car window. They left the house flying the flag and heading downtown. I don’t have that kind of devotion to a sports team. Sorry.


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