I’m a lover not a hater

My latest local blog profile is Angry French Guy (Somewhat ironic since his latest post totally disses me. The profile was written weeks ago and has been sitting in the can while this whole .qc craziness erupted)

Angry French Guy, aka Georges Boulanger, is a francophone who is trying to explain the perspective of francophones to us anglos.

“Driving a truck is not a healthy lifestyle,” he says. “Getting angry about the reasonable accommodation debate, Jan Wong and other nonsense from home while listening to my satellite radio was putting my life in danger.”

And for that, he’s gotten grief from both sides of the divide, with some fellow francos calling him a traitor:

His response: “Fighting off Barbara Kay on one side and now these clowns on the other. I must be doing something right.”

Anger really is the great motivator.

4 thoughts on “I’m a lover not a hater

  1. Mike

    Dude, this guy insults you point blank on his blog, and the best you can do is write a weak blog review as a comeback?

    Stand up for yourself, grow a pair! You’re making the separatists look good!

  2. AngryFrenchGuy

    I didn’t insult Fagstein, I used his post to make a point about Canadian nationalism.

    From what I read in the comments section, most of his regular readers were a little bit taken aback by the bitter tone of his anti-dot-qc post. I can only guess he wrote it after doing his taxes. Even I would wear Roots pants with “Canada” written on my ass to avoid going through that twice.

    In his defence we corresponded on my blog MONTHS ago. That it was published on the day I, for the first time, react to one of his posts is actually quite funny.

    Anyway, thanks for that Fagstein. Peace.


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