Attention la terre, pollution

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself: I want to see cheesy, low-budget early 90s Québécois rap video that goes on for nine minutes about how awesome public transit is and how cool you can be if you follow all the rules and respect your fellow passengers?

It’s Il fait beau dans l’métro (about) meets Don’t Copy That Floppy (about). Will it be as much of an Internet senstation?

4 thoughts on “Attention la terre, pollution

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    Is it just me or does the blonde woman have a really strong anglo accent?

    “Il fait beau dans l’métro” was charming but this is just grating. Who knows — maybe my opinion will magically change in a couple of years, right around the time that everything from the early 1990s becomes fashionable again.

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