CJFM bans Chris Brown

Mix Virgin Radio 96 has become the latest radio station (oh wait, there’s another one) to pull music by Chris Brown from its playlist, citing his domestic violence arrest.

The decision, which isn’t groundbreaking either for radio or for the station, is being decried as “OMG CENSORSHIP” by people on its Facebook group. The station’s program director (who for some reason has changed his last name to “Blogg”) responds and morning host Lisa Player republishes some comments on her blog.

I’m on the fence about this kind of blanket ban of an artist. On one hand, this tool could be misused. On the other hand, a station should have every right to decide for itself what it should play, and if they want to ban someone they don’t like, that’s their choice.

I’d be happier if the decisions rested with actual DJs instead of corporate-minded program directors, but DJ freedom went out the door long ago, sadly.

I should also applaud CJFM for standing up to criticism on its Facebook page (and it’s gotten quite a lot of it) when other media outlets would just delete those kinds of comments.

3 thoughts on “CJFM bans Chris Brown

  1. Sam

    so, i assume that CJFM also doesn’t play any James Brown anymore. or anything having to do with Ike Turner, Creed(!), both Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, right? …right?

    ps. i’m not a Chris Brown fan but i’d let a court decide whether or not there was domestic abuse first before making a snap judgement like that.

  2. Homer

    Hmm. They will happily play R-Kelly. Chris Brown hasn’t been convicted of anything yet. Then again, Innocent until proven left the public conscience right after September 11th. Proof is irrelevant anymore. Charged is as good as guilty.


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