Your 2009 Habs playlist

UPDATE: See the 2010 version here.

Since people seemed to appreciate last year’s list, here’s some Habs songs, most courtesy of your local radio stations, to get you in the mood as you prepare for the Habs-Bruins series which starts on Thursday.

And if public sentiment is any indication, our team is going to need all the help it can get. This time they’re No. 1 and we’re No. 8, we’re the ones plagued with injuries and will face each playoff round with the other team having home ice advantage.

In compiling this year’s list, I noticed quite a different tone from last year. In April 2008, the Canadiens were expected to finish out of the playoffs but surprised everyone with their strong season and first-place finish in the East. This year, the expectations were high (especially with the centennial) but a post-All-Star meltdown nearly put the Canadiens out of the playoffs. Some of the songs below reflect that.

I’ll start us off with Annakin Slayd, who produced a very popular video last year. This time he’s back with a French version, which thankfully removes obscures the Journey sample and adds a reference to Alex Tanguay to show it’s current. The production values (thanks to Aviva) are also noticeably better. But the song – and its magic – are still essentially the same.

A similar list is compiled on the Bébé Habs blog, though I’m doing my best below to respect copyright. Links to MP3s are on radio station or artist websites and YouTube links are to official videos only. Please let me know if I screwed up somewhere there or if there’s an iTunes link I should add.

Go Habs Go.

New this year

On va faire les séries (2009)

by Rick Hugues (Radio Énergie)

Mégamix du Canadiens 2009

by Justiciers masqués (via CKOI)

Les Canadiens à vendre

by Justiciers masqués (via CKOI)

Go Habs Go 2009 (video)

by Justiciers masqués (parody of the Star Académie theme)

S’tu moi?

by Justiciers masqués (via CKOI)

Le But (sample) (buy)

by Loco Locass

Besoin d’un boost

via Radio Énergie

The Bob Gainey Song (video)

by Kris Newby

Go Go Habs Go

by Éric Allar

We ahh Canadiens (video)

by Sportnographe

From earlier this season

Carbo Megamix (video)

by Justiciers masqués

Halak (c’est toi notre number-one) (video)

by Justiciers masqués

O’Byrne pousse pousse dans son net (video)

by Justiciers masqués

Plus de coeur de vous (video)

by Justiciers masqués (the earlier, more cynical Star Académie parody)

(Carey Price) Why don’t you win?

via CKOI

Les frères Kostitsyn (version 1, version 2)

via CKOI

L’album des Kostitsyn

via CKOI

L’album de Georges Laraque

via CKOI

Carbo Carbo

by Laurent Paquin (via CKOI)

Let it puck

by Rick Hugues & Sans Pression (Radio Énergie)

Puck her face (pas de séries)

via Radio Énergie

The Hockey Theme

via CTV

Leftover from last year but still not completely outdated:

Let’s have a riot

by Paul Brown, The Paul Brown Show on Edmonton’s The Bear 100.3

Red, White and Blue (Nos Glorieux)

by Daniel Iorio

Tampa Bay Prison Blues

by Daniel Iorio (via Habs Inside/Out)

La Fièvre du CH

by Alain Dumas (via RockDétente)

Bring the Cup Back Home

by Daniel Iorio (via Team 990)

Go Habs Go La Coupe Stanley (video)

by Justiciers masqués

Go Habs Go (Go) (video)

by Richard Martin and D2 (TAG Radio)

Go Habs Go (Montreal has gone insane) (iTunes) (video)

by Christopher Pennington

Go Habs Go (J’entends crier) (iTUnes) (video)

by Christopher Pennington

Stanley (on va gagner)

by Justiciers masqués

Les Habs sont trop forts

via Radio Énergie

Bleu Blanc Rouge (le Canadien c’est une partie de nous)

by Simard 3 blessés … pis une fille (via CKAC)

Chanson de Halak

via CKAC (Parody of Brown Eyed Girl)

Les Canadiens sont là (Game On)

by Daniel Iorio (via Team 990, Parody of Celebration)

Ghosts of the Forum

by Bob Olivier and Sylvie Choquette (via Team 990)

Go Habs Go

by Speedhair (via Team 990)

Go Habs Go (Allez la Coupe Stanley)

via 98.5fm

Le grand bol à la salade (video)


Go Habs Go (Nous sommes les plus forts) (YouTube)

by Marc Onana

Old songs that are suddenly relevant

Ne prends pas pour Boston

via Radio Énergie

7 thoughts on “Your 2009 Habs playlist

  1. bebehabs

    hey oh! :)
    it’s fine that you wanna respect copyright, c’est une des raisons pour laquelle je n’ai PAS partagé la chanson d’Annakin Slayd parce que c’est une chanson *payante*… alors que la majorité de ce que j’ai partagé sur mon blog sont des parodies… et on s’entend, il y a beaucoup de vieilleries aussi alors pas vraiment de chance de retracer un lien direct du web…

    pour Le Sportnographe, you put the youtube link and here’s the DIRECT LINK for the song, hosted on Le Sportngoraphe website ;)

  2. Josh

    This time they’re No. 1 and we’re No. 8, we’re the ones plagued with injuries and will face each playoff round with the other team having home ice advantage.

    This makes it sound as though more than one playoff round is in the offing.

  3. Josh

    Sorry, it’s just that I saw what’s coming last season when we collapsed in the second half, our coach was fired and we got run out by a good team in four games.

    Enjoy the show.

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