Concordia’s baseball team

Concordia journalism students Fran├žois Nadeau and Steven Myers put together this short video documentary with the help of CUTV. It features some interviews with members of Concordia’s baseball team.

(See Part 2)

Concordia baseball has been trying for years to get the kind of recognition that high-profile sports like football and hockey get, though they say the university has been immensely supportive of their efforts.

Insert your own joke about Jeffrey Loria and the Expos here.

UPDATE: I should mention the team is going to the national championships. Let’s hope Rick Monday isn’t there.

UPDATE (Oct. 26): They won! National champions! W00t!

9 thoughts on “Concordia’s baseball team

  1. Josh

    Well, this isn’t just a Concordia issue though, is it? Getting exposure and recognition and finding people to take them seriously is an issue for every university baseball team in Canada. The problem, I daresay, is that in Canada, the university season runs from September to April – not exactly prime baseball-playing months in this country.

    People will watch football in the snow, rain and cold weather. People will not watch baseball in those conditions.

  2. Alastair Yates

    Glad to see at least some people taking interest in the university’s baseball team. It’s unfortunate that it plays second-fiddle to other sports though, considering it’s a lot more fun to play/watch.

  3. Troy

    Well that’s news to me. As a former student back in the late 80’s I knew Concordia had a hockey and football team but I was unaware they even had a baseball team. Where did they play? We had an arena and a football/soccer field but I don’t recall seeing any baseball diamonds at loyola campus. May be that’s part of the reason not many people are aware of them.

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  5. Frenchie

    Concordia has a baseball team since 1995 and has been coached by Howie Morenz since day 1. They play at the Trudeau park (in Cote St-Luc) and share it with Mcgill U.
    The season is from early September to mid october (16 games), then division playoffs (Concordia is in the Northern division), then the national championships around the 3rd week-end of October.

    Hope that helps,



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