It’s gonna feel like 93 forever

Remember how I said the number of Habs songs was disappointing this season, particularly since the massive roster overhaul over the past year has made those old ones obsolete?

Well Annakin Slayd, who produced music videos in both languages over the past two years, has updated its anglo one for 2010, replacing references to Kovalev and Komisarek with Cammalleri.

UPDATE (July 25): The inevitable parody version went up a few weeks later:

7 thoughts on “It’s gonna feel like 93 forever

  1. Vahan

    Roy winking at Sandstrom that is the cockiness we need. Our players are great, but the cockiness has to come back. They have to get into the heads of the other teams. A “do you know who we are..” attitude will get them far. Every time they score during a home game all they have to do is point up to the banners and remind the others who they are messing with.The confidence will be infectious.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Pretty sure the best way to get at the other team is to score goals against them. It worked against the Capitals far more than any tough talk.

    2. Gary

      Yeah confidence and cockyness worked so well for the Capitals.
      Score goals, win games. That’s the best way to be cocky.


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