24 Heures gets Metro-like redesign

The day after labour day tends to be a good one to unveil new redesigns. Quebecor is tweaking the look of its 24 Hours papers across the country today, including 24 Heures in Montreal. Each includes an article praising itself for the new design and how much better it is. (The articles aren’t online yet, but you can read the 24 Heures version on their digital edition on Page 5.)

The biggest change in the layout is that the headlines and photos look bigger, which of course means less room for actual news (but nobody cares about that if they’re reading 24 Heures, right?)

You’ll also notice more use of yellow, particularly in highlighter-style behind smaller headlines and labels. I make note of that particularly because there’s a certain other newspaper in town that redesigned in May – and it too promised bigger headlines, bigger photos and more use of yellow highlights.

But to suggest that 24 Heures and its sister papers across the country redesigned so they could look more like the more successful direct competitor Metro, now that would be silly.

Here’s a before and after:

Old New

And a couple of other news pages from the new design:

3 thoughts on “24 Heures gets Metro-like redesign

  1. wkh

    I’m going to bring you home an Omaha World Herald. It bears a striking resemblance to the Gazette, although the little grey box story headlines are some fugly ass sans serif I can’t identify but suspect may be arial or veranda. And there’s a really ugly “this story continued from” headline font as well.

  2. AlexH

    It isn’t ugly, and for many people who are one coffee away from actually being awake, it is probably all they need to make their morning go.

  3. Mike

    The’ Verdun Messenger ‘ went from a bit of English to only French & quickly brought back at least 1 page in English.

    I seldom travel by Metro & don’t often read 24 heures. I am bil., I just don’t care about it. I’m at the age where I have the patience & ability — and just suddenly the realisation that I don’t give a B.M.

    However as a 5th generation Quebecer of English descent – who has many English visitors from Ontario & U.S. ~~ I’d think that while changing it’s format, it could not have hurt 24 hrs to put in some English -espec. on current & imp. events.

    Think of the increased readership, 24 — make it a business decision.



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