Randy Tieman leaves TSN 690 show

Randy Tieman

This one kind of came out of nowhere. Randy Tieman, who in addition to anchoring the evening and late-night sportscasts on CTV News in Montreal hosts the early afternoon show on TSN Radio 690, is leaving the latter gig. Tieman made the announcement on Friday’s show that that would be his last one.

It’s unclear to me at this point why he’s leaving (I missed the announcement, in case that provided some clue), but I’ve asked Tieman and CKGM station manager Wayne Bews for comment. I’ll update this if I hear from them.

Tieman’s two gigs made for gruelling work days, as he would come into TSN’s studios for a show from noon to 3pm, then to CTV to prepare for the 6pm news and working through to just after midnight, when the late-night news would end, he’d pretape a segment for the next day’s noon newscast and could finally go home.

Hopefully this will mean Tieman has more time to sleep and do other things the rest of us do with those extra four hours a day.

Tieman clarifies on Twitter that he’ll still be “kicking around at times.”

No announcement has been made about who will replace Tieman.

Tieman’s departure prompted lots of chatter on Twitter from his fans, including many coworkers:

18 thoughts on “Randy Tieman leaves TSN 690 show

  1. Mario

    Could Randy’s departure be a fallout from the NHL lockout. I suspect Randy took one for the team. Meaning there were probably cuts coming at the station due to the lockout and Randy decided he could be spared since he works at CTV Sports.

    Just my opinion.

    1. Alex H

      I suspect you aren’t far from the truth. I would also say that the lockout is probably making sports talk radio into a bit of white toast no butter dry and boring sort of deal these days, there are only so many “Betman is an a-hole” or “the players union is crazy” shows you can do before you have run the whole deal into the ground.

      Considering how little Bell seems to like the station, and with the falling ratings as a result of the hockey lockout, don’t be shocked to see this station get the starvation treatment in the next while. Perhaps Tieman will be replaced with “national” programming, it’s cheaper.

  2. Steve W

    I heard Randy Tieman’s live Friday morning announcement of it. Randy said he started his TSN 690 radio show gig almost exactly 3 years ago(today’s is the 3rd year anniversary). He will still very much stay with TSN 690, but not work a full-time M-F TSN 690 gig anymore. He’ll still appear weekly Fridays on TSN 690 Morning Show, & will be regular sub for different TSN 690 radio shows. I still remember when Tieman first came to Montreal(early-to-mid 80s) to replace Jeff Rimer doing a Sports Talk program on CFCF Radio(he came from Ottawa).

    Fagstein, you know that Randy Tieman doesn’t live anywhere near the Montreal-area? He has lived for many years in Ontario.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Fagstein, you know that Randy Tieman doesn’t live anywhere near the Montreal-area? He has lived for many years in Ontario.

      Hardly the first person to commute from out of province. Bill Haugland lived in Vermont while doing the 6pm news here.

      1. Steve W

        Name others besides Bill Haughland from Montreal media? In Bill’s case, he only moved to Vermont to take over his parent’s home.

          1. Reasoner Ron

            I think Don McGowan also lived in Ontario, or perhaps he only moved there after his media career ended here. I find it unusual that people so central to the city don’t even bother living anywhere near it, but that’s just me maybe.

          2. Steve W

            FYI Gazoo, Williamstown(where Randy lives) is very near Cornwall. It’s about a hour & 15 minutes from Montreal. Definitely not 45 minutes from Downtown Montreal. If you don’t believe me, ask Randy Tieman himself.

  3. Jeremy

    Yikes, he was the only guy I listened to on the the Team 990. HUGE loss. But I guess he knew it was all over anyway. Bell media, what a dopey company.

  4. Mark Jacobs

    Sad to see Randy Tieman leaving Team 990. While his warm spirit will be missed, it was evident he bore quite a load leaving his home with the morning traffic and only past-midnight. His sports knowledge on the other hand left a bit to be desired…

    Curious to see who steps into his slot.

    If they stay in house, the most likely candidate would be his producer Sean Campbell who has often filled in while Randy was away. Other options could be part-timers like Simon Tskalikis or moving Shaun Starr from the morning to the early afternoon.

    If they’re looking outside (like they did with Ted Bird) it’s tough to say who’s on that list. Pete Marrier had a trial run but his sports knowledge is poor.

    My guess: Whoever Mitch Melnick decides is his new pet toy. That means we probably got Chris Nilan with somebody like Conor McKenna. Oh boy… shoot me.

  5. Lance Campeau

    I’ve enjoyed Randy’s show for the 3 years he was on… I liked his coverage of local sports which will now fall into obscurity as no one else bothers to mention it accept for maybe Marinaro. Sean Campbell seems like a likely replacement, he has been developing nicely over the last few years. I personally would like to see Simon Tskalikis in there but he’s got a full time gig doing real estate (?). Anyone but Conor McKenna please… With his constant & annoying social media/twitter/entertainment references he belongs on eTalk Canada not a TSN 690.

    1. Gazoo

      could not agree with you more re Connor McKenna. Seems more interested in anything but sports. Anytime he is filling in, I turn the dial.

    2. Martin

      Strongly disagree with you guys about Mckenna. Could it be that he’s less of a meathead than the other guys or possesses more of a vocabulary that you don’t like? Guy talks more of a variety of sports than others on the station. Other than the morning show, no one seems to know anything about anything besides hockey on 990. Mckenna actually seems to watch more hockey than just the Habs and is on point with NFL, MLB and soccer too. I agree that he sways from sports from time to time and should probably do it less but I find him to be the best up-and-comer on the station.

  6. Tom

    Glad to see he was able to leave on his own….At least we think he did???

    I feel sorry for I feel sorry for Louis from Mercier, Peter from Cote St. Luc and Manny from Terrebonne… They don’t have anyone to call from 1:00 to 3:00 now.

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  8. Mario Pizzi

    No big loss. Tired of hearing about his golf game. In fact that entire station is horrible.

    Bring on RDS

  9. Steve W

    Randy Tieman is taking over as a replacement host from Tony Marinaro on his TSN 690 shows(Montreal Forum(10am to 12 noon) & The Intermission(12-1pm)) for rest of this week(he started today), and for 2 more weeks after this week. I think that’s his first extended hosting duties(as a replacement) on TSN 690 since leaving his TSN 690 shows in December. I have sort of same opinion of Randy Tieman as you(take it or leave it with his on-air work on television or radio).


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