Radio Fierté is now officially broadcasting

As of 6am today, a little over three months after it began on-air testing, CHRF Radio Fierté 980 is officially on the air, the first French-language LGBT radio station in North America according to their promo ads.

You can listen to the first four minutes of the first morning show here:

We now have a full idea of the programming schedule and on-air personalities. For a station that’s supposed to blend music and talk, it’s pretty light on the talk with only five hosts announced:

  • Michel Duchesne and Sylvain Verstricht host the morning show Les Barbus from 6am to 9am weekdays. Duchesne is an author and television writer who worked at Radio-Canada for 14 years (La Presse recently profiled him). Verstricht comes from CIBL 101.5 FM and writes the bilingual culture blog Local Gestures.
  • Marie-Noëlle (Marino) Gagnon hosts Marino et ses Diamants from 1 to 3pm and La Chansonnette avec Marino from 9 to 11am on Sundays, and serves as the station’s music director. She comes from RNC Media where she worked at Radio X 91.9 in Montreal.
  • Joe Bocan and Miguel Doucet host Les Pétards from 5 to 6pm weekdays (Bocan as of Feb. 9). Bocan is a singer who was very successful in the 1980s and early 90s, but withdrew from the public view to raise her children. La Presse profiled her desire to return to her career last year. Doucet is an aspiring actor. Doucet also hosts Ta Playlist from 6:30 to 7pm weekdays.

Weekends also include Le Top 10 Franco with Duchesne, Verstricht and Doucet at 11am Saturdays and Le Top Anglo at noon.

If you missed any of that, Joe Bocan can repeat it for you:

Radio Fierté can be streamed from its website or its mobile app. It’s also on Facebook and Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Radio Fierté is now officially broadcasting

    1. Fagstein Post author

      When will the radio station, The Jewel, in Hudson begin broadcasting officially?

      Probably within the coming weeks. A launch date hasn’t been announced.

  1. Mimo

    According to their facebook page, they’ve expanded the programming somewhat. Here’s what they’re listing now:

    Lundi au vendredi :
    Les Barbus, de 6h à 9h avec Michel Duchesne et Sylvain Verstricht
    Avec la participation de Véronique Chevrier les lundis, mercredis et vendredis pour ‘Les matins lesbiens’
    Michel Duchesne, de 9h à 12h
    La Grande Folle, de 12 à 13h
    Marino et ses Diamants, de 13h à 15h
    Les Pétards ,de 15h à 18h avec Joe Bocan (à compter du 9 février) et Miguel Doucet
    Ta Playlist, de 18h30 à 19h avec Miguel Doucet
    Samedi :
    La Chansonnette, avec Marino de 9h à 11h
    Michel Duchesne, Sylvain Verstricht et Miguel Doucet se partagent Le Top 10 Franco à 11h et Le Top 10 Anglo à 12h
    Dimanche :
    La Chansonnette, avec Marino de 9h à 11h

  2. Frank Schwimmer

    It would be nice if the streaming worked…I hardly ever listen to radio anymore… I an underwhelmed..


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