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Ever wonder what the inside of a jail cell looks like?

So did I, until now.

I just got back home from spending the night (or a few hours of it) in a holding cell at Station 11. I was covering Faceless Invasion, a scavenger-hunt-style competition which involved a naked race on St. Denis. Technically it was illegal (as were other things they were doing) but nobody ever thought they would be harassed about it.

Well, turns out the local constabulary doesn’t take kindly to these kinds of pranks. And since I was there (and had no fancy “journalist card” to prove I was one), I was lumped in with the rest of them (though I was not naked).

Long story short, I was arrested and charged with some charges I don’t quite understand but seem pretty minor (public nuisance and such). I was also charged with resisting arrest.

The guy at the station told me most of the charges would probably be dropped once I proved to them I was there as a journalist and not a participant.

In the meantime, I look forward to pleading my case when it goes in front of a judge.

Now the journalistic dilemma: Should I include my arrest into the story, or just talk about their troubles with the law?

Oh, and happy April Fool’s Day. I need to run out and get a bus pass.

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