Three deaths for $40

I don’t know what’s saddest about this story (The Gazette has a less-conclusionary article):

  • That an ethnic cabbie’s fear of being racially profiled led to him keeping information about (apparently) accidental deaths to himself
  • That guilt from this led to him committing suicide
  • That the lack of any family or friends in the city led to him not being discovered for months after his death
  • That just about every story mentions that the two dead Americans were “adult” “models” as if that mitigates matters at all
  • That a $40 unpaid cab fare led to a chase through a field late at night and eventually three deaths
  • That this story makes sense at all, and the actions, while perhaps not all justified, seem understandable
  • That the first question that comes to mind about this is “who takes a $40 cab ride to Laval to go to an after-hours club?”

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