It makes sense, so let’s not do it

The Cote-St-Luc folks are outraged (OUTRAGED!) that Montreal’s transportation plan pushes back the Cavendish Extension for another 10 years.

It’s hard to see why there isn’t more movement on this issue. It’s one of those rare ones that seems to unite everyone: Public transit users whose trips to western Ville-Saint-Laurent could be shortened by up to 45 minutes, car travellers who want to avoid the Decarie circle, local businesses and the Cavendish Mall who want the extra customers, and CSL residents who want a quick path to IKEA.

So what’s the hold-up?

2 thoughts on “It makes sense, so let’s not do it

  1. Jean Naimard

    The hold up is that the (self) chosen people of Côte-st-Luc are **ALWAYS** right. After all, they suffered enough in the holocaust so they can do what they want now.

  2. Matt C

    The reference to the holocaust is a bit uncalled for. The city of montreal has pushed back the date of the extension not csl.


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