Last Video-on-Trial comic standing: Debra

For those of you who weren’t watching TV tonight (how dare you?), NBC’s Last Comic Standing had its debut, with auditions from New York, Montreal and San Antonio, Texas. Since Montreal was their only Canadian visit, comedians from Toronto all over the country came to try-outs at Kola Note in March.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see some familiar faces. Well-represented were the Video On Trial crew, though they had varying levels of success. Two were eliminated in the first round (they were used in the montage of comics who bombed — ouch). I think I recognized Laurie Elliott and Katherine Ryan, or was it Nicole Arbour? Those blond girls are hard to distinguish when they go by so fast (and even if it wasn’t Nicole (UPDATE: It wasn’t), I need some excuse to link to this photo). Sorry kids, no Sabrina Jalees for you.

The more recognizable contestants are also the ones who made it into the second round (which involved a live audition in front of a local audience): Debra DiGiovanni and Trevor Boris.

Debra stole the show, and got lots of airtime before, during and after her acts. She made it through easily. Trevor, meanwhile, wasn’t shown at all during the first round and only appeared briefly for the second. He didn’t make it.

NBC has some Montreal audition footage posted to YouTube, featuring both Trevor and Debra, among others. NBC’s website even has a special clip of Debra, showing she’s going to go far in this one.

And Television Without Pity, which should be in everyone’s bookmarks, has a moment-by-moment recap of the episode.

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