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CGTV Canada

CBC has a story on how “gambling critics” are waging a campaign against Videotron for a channel on its digital cable network it says glorifies gambling.

The channel in question is CGTV Canada (Casino and Gaming Television) which can be found on channel 59 on Videotron’s Illico digital TV service (it’s not on classic cable — but for some reason it’s included as part of Videotron’s required base channel lineup, along with local broadcast stations, CPAC, The Weather Network, Newsworld and other important cable channels).

The charge is being led by Sol Boxenbaum, who in addition to being an anti-gambling crusader (he’s sued the Quebec government over VLTs) hosts his own very-very-late-night talk show on CJAD. His principal argument is that digital cable subscribers have no choice on whether or not they should have the channel as part of their TV lineup, and that THE CHILDREN might see it and cause untold harm on society.

Of course, the first question that comes to my mind is: Why now? CGTV (formerly The Gaming Channel) has been licensed for six years now. They’ve been on Videotron’s basic digital lineup for more than a year. And there are other all-gambling channels on the way: The Players Channel, The Wagering Network and Gambling TV.

2 thoughts on “Wanna bet?

  1. Josh

    Whatever the reason, if this ends with CGTV off my channel lineup and replaced by something with a wider appeal (and it seems to me that say, CTV Newsnet or really any number of other channels would have a wider appeal), I’ll be happy.

  2. Nichola Twach

    I want to sue the Alberta Government for the damage VLTs have done to my life. I have battled VLTs for 15 years. Despite counselling and medication I cannot seem to stop and when I drive down the street and blazing signs advertising Play VLTs Here are flashing its overwhelmingly tempting. I have lost 160,000 in 15 years. I almost committed suicide, I have 2 young children. I have always wondered why 50% of a VLT is not covered with warning photos of homeless, jobless, bankrupt, suicide, fraud issues like the cigarette packs are??? Weird. Also why are the VLTs not hidden from addicts eyes???? I go for pizza at BPs with the kids and cannot help noticing the VLTs. How greedy is the government and how can they get away with robbing citizens with impulse control issues???? Sick really. I dont want millions or even hundreds of thousands, I want a portion of what I have lost back, so I can get private treatment and save my kids home. I am 3 mortgage payments behind because of my weakness to those heinous machines. The government needs to start prioritizing already and stop raping its people. I want to know where to find a lawyer brave enough in Alberta to take on this case. I have plenty of witnesses to the 15 year struggle I have had. It is time for me to help others and set some kind of example that we the people will not accept this criminal behavior. Yes we may be addicts but the government doesnt need to encourage or feed of us they need to help us and our children. Enough already, I want this bullshit stopped. I feel God has spoken to me and I am not overly religious at all. I dont bible thump or anything like that but I feel such a strong desire to put a stop to the Governments greed…..has to be done.


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