Videotron puts limits on “unlimited”

Videotron sent a letter to its Extreme High-Speed Internet customers this week saying their previously unlimited bandwidth was now going to be capped at 100 GB a month, effective October 1. After that, it’ll cost $1.50 per GB for downloading.

Some people are complaining about the change, which doesn’t come with a reduction in price.

Although not many residential customers use more than 3 GB per day, it’s the principle. It’s a substantive negative change which Videotron is trying to obfuscate by using confusing language. Their website still lists the service as “unlimited”, and there’s no trace of any notice on their website of this change in policy.

The silver lining for anyone that has Extreme High-Speed Internet with Videotron is that they can cancel their contract without penalty before paying their next bill by citing this change.

Section 3.9 of their service contract:

3.9 Modifications – Videotron may, upon at least thirty (30) days’ prior notice to the customer’s Videotron Messaging Address or by mail, modify the Services or any other provision of this agreement, including the charges and rates stipulated in subsection 3.1 . However, no prior notice shall be required with regard to a modification of Services if Videotron’s service offerings remain similar and have no impact on the charges payable by the customer. By settling the account statement accompanying any notice of modification to this agreement, the customer shall be irrevocably deemed to have accepted the modification. However, the customer may, within thirty such (30) days delay, cancel this agreement or request that it be modified in the manner provided in subsection 11.4 below, failing which the customer shall irrevocably be deemed to have accepted the modifications covered by the notice.

If any of you plan on doing that, let me know how the conversation with customer service goes.

9 thoughts on “Videotron puts limits on “unlimited”

  1. Denis Canuel

    If Videotron really sticks to this plan, you might as well switch to Bell. Some areas have 16MB speed for 80$ a month (first 6 months at 20$). So on average your price will be 50$ per month. Cheaper and faster than Videotron but you still get the 100GB cap. And you might get another discount a year later if you switch back to Videotron..? But still, not a wise move from Videotron…! :/

  2. Chris

    Anyone considering canceling with Videotron should consider switching to a local company called ZiD ( Their very small so they do everything they can to keep their customers happy (I called customer service when I was setting up the account then had to call again the next day and she remembered who I as). I pay 30 bucks a month for unlimited DSL and have no problems whatsoever.

  3. Jerry

    Thanks man!, I will call up to switch back to reg internet, can’t afford to jump ship just yet. The thought of having to chase an ISP for service right now will hinder my work at home productivity.

  4. limited?...yuck

    yes, i received this letter also, and i emailed them about my contract which was auto. renewed…i was under the assumption that it will be unlimited. well it does not look like they care about complaints, and allow their customers to end the contract without penalties.
    please keep posting ISP’s who offer unlimited bandwidth for residential use.
    below is their responses:
    We thank you for having taken the time to write us concerning the Extreme high speed internet service. We confirm having your comment to the appropriate department.

    As mentioned in the letter which was sent to you, a new monthly transfer limit will be applied for the Extreme high speed internet service and this, beginning October first, 2007.

    The monthly consumption limit was fixed at 100 Go per month and is combined download/upload. Any going beyond this limit will be charged 1.50$ per additional Go.

    It is important to remind you that a residential access should not correspond to a commercial type of access. The Internet service is based on a division of the network between all the users. However, the massive use of the band-width by certain subscribers can have an influence on the quality of the service of the other users of its sector. *i doubt this, they have huge networks…they keep increasing their limits slowly as their network grows, and charge more money*

    So to limit the use of the band-width for Extreme high speed service enables us to better contain excesses.

    It is as important to mention as very few of our subscribers use a consumption more than 100 Go per month. *really?..then why bother*

    -The charge of overconsumption of other Internet accesses remains of 7.95$ by additional Go.

    Take note that in virtue of the service contract, since we have moidified the conditions of subscription of the extreme high speed access, you have until September 13, 2007 to put an end to your service without penalties.
    Please contact our customer service by telephone to proceed or answer this email by taking care to include your name, address and your Vidéotron account number. Any request for disconnection having to be confirmed by telephone, your request by email will be transferred to the suitable service and an employee will contact you to proceed.

    – Note that the 30 days notice for a request for disconnection to services, remains applicable.

    We hope that this information answers your questions.

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  7. Doug

    Stupid. I mean come on, I’m a heavy internet user and I would pay more to have unlimited. Videotron just lost me as a lifetime customer. No unlimited – no internet.

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  9. Maryann Kovalski Post author

    My student daughter signed up for high speed internet with Videotron in Montreal for $58 per month, supposedly all in.

    In the first two months the bills were $103 and $117. She called for an explaination and was told that she had excessive downloads. She has never downloaded.

    They suggested she file a report with the police stating that someone has been hacking into her computer (most unlikely). They told her that for an additional $100 fee, she could get a password but that she would need a firewall installed at her apartment.

    She put my name down as someone who could talk about her account but when I called they said it had not been done and hung up.

    Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have any idea what can be done?

    Maryann Kovalski


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