Voulez-vous protester avec moi?

The Montréal Français group is organizing a protest this Sunday, starting at 1 p.m. at Mont-Royal metro. They’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Bill 101 and want it strengthened, specially in light of a recent court decision that ruled an extension of that law unconstitutional.

Oh to live in a province one day where people can speak French without fear of government repression…

3 thoughts on “Voulez-vous protester avec moi?

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    MMF really gets under my skin. French has never been as widely spoken in Montreal as it is today yet, for these guys, it still isn’t enough. Don’t they understand that bilingualism, and by extension multilingualism, is Montreal’s strength? We have the highest proportion of trilingual people in North America! That’s an asset, not a weakness.

    What really offends me about MMF, though, is that its member spend so much time advocating for the rights of the linguistic *majority* while ignoring far more troubling problems like poverty and racism. That, to me, is the mark of a group based on bigotry and little else.

  2. Ricky

    Psst DeWolf;
    I can’t congratulate you on your logic.

    If French is so widely spoken in Montreal it is precisely because of the advent of the Charter of the French Language.

    As well, if Montreal has so much bilingualism it is because the Charter forced anglo Montreal and commercial Montreal to recognize the French presence. You didn’t have the common decency to do it voluntarily so it was legislated.

    As for your last point; it makes no sense at all.

    First because in it you belittle the concept of ‘majority’ which is plain stupid.
    Second; there’s nothing that prevents Montrealers from doing both… defending linguistic rights and tackling poverty and racism. You claim the opposite but don’t bother to substantiate your ludicrous claim with substance.

    …typical francophobe anglo demagoguery.


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