3 thoughts on “I used to respect the Globe

  1. HCD

    Leah McLaren has been writing a column for the G and M for many years. She supposedly writes from the point of view of a gen x’er.

    I find most of her writing narcissistic and of little interest. I like reading the G and M generally because I find that she is one of their few weak columnists. The G and M is written and editted at a much higher level than the Gazette.

    What is your opinion of Christie Blatchford? Her columns are almost always worth reading. She has been writing from Afganistan recently.

    I enjoy your BLOG. Keep up the good work!

  2. Fagstein Post author

    I can’t be trusted to comment unbiasedly on Ms. Blatchford since I know her nephew, but I enjoy her writing. It’s unfortunate that most of what she writes isn’t open online.

  3. Pilar

    Leah MacLaren? Isn’t she the one who gets pie-eyed before going to a move and then writes in the review that she couldn’t understand the plot?

    Only nepotism explains how someone so useless and unprofessional can keep a job.

    The sad thing is that trees continue to die so that worthless nit can spew inanities.


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