Weatherbabes need recognition

The Weather Network and its French equivalent MétéoMédia are useful cable TV channels which provide weather information 24/7. Trying to decide what to wear? Switch the channel, check out the weather, and then turn off the TV.

But these networks (and for that matter any TV news program that presents weather) realized that ratings would go up when female meteorologists would gesture at weather systems on screen. One could only imagine what so many teenage boys were doing alone in their rooms and why they were so interested in the national weather maps.

This breakthrough in TV weather development has led to managers milking this for everything it’s worth. (Goodbye Don McGowan, hello Lori Graham.)

Now, finally, there’s a website out there devoted to fanning the flames of passion the country has for some of these very talented female meteorologists. Miss Météo is a discussion forum for MétéoMédia weathergirls, with different boards for each one.

I was always an Isabelle Lalonde kind of guy myself. I also grew up a lot with Michelle Therrien… in a purely platonic sense of course.

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