Networks need investment, so invest

An industry-funded study has “shown” that the Internet faces “brownouts” or bandwidth saturation as early as 2010, if Internet service providers don’t improve the “last mile” of their networks, spending billions of dollars installing fibre-optic cable to replace coaxial cable and twin-wire phone lines.

So, uhh, why don’t they just do that then?

I’m not going to be all Huffington Post about this and suggest it’s a big conspiracy to control what we see on the Internet, but you have to admit the timing of an industry-funded survey that pulls figures out of its ass is kind of suspicious.

We’ll see in the coming weeks if industry leaders propose “innovative solutions” to this problem.

One thought on “Networks need investment, so invest

  1. Denis Canuel

    Something innovative… Let me think… Videotron cut down their unlimited plan, Bell throttles down P2P traffic. YouTube is banned in many schools. I think we have a plan, no? We better stop this (r)evolution and return to the 90’s quickly.

    Gotta get my Hotdog HTML editor and start re-coding my stuff in good old basic HTML. I wonder if I still can add a midi file playing in the background or if that’d be too much bandwidth…?


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