How to piss off a blogger 101

  1. Setup a website that purports to be some sort of independent news source.
  2. Take a blog post and put it on your website without asking permission. At the end of the post, include a plea for money.
  3. When the blogger you just stole from err, politely requests that the post be taken down, respond by replacing his byline with your own, removing the link to the blog in question and keeping the plagiarized content pretending it’s your own.

There you go folks. Getting on my shit list in three easy steps.

So to be clear: “The Canadian National Newspaper”, a.k.a. knowingly plagiarizes content.

UPDATE (Dec. 1): It goes without saying that I’m not the only one they’ve ripped off.

9 thoughts on “How to piss off a blogger 101

  1. David

    Dude, youre a journalist for the gazette. Write an article about them, expose them for the scum they are. Youre more powerful than them, you can crush them.

  2. unknown Blogger

    I agree. It’s the worst crime…and unfortunately, there is no recourse except for this. Although, I have been considering a way to Google Bomb plagiarizers.

  3. unknown Blogger

    for those that don’t know what a Google Bomb is, and so I don’t sound like a terrorist, the point would be to ensure when someone looks up a particluar plagiarizers site, a page calling them sum-sucking cheaters would come up first in Google!

  4. Jonathan Bailey

    Fortunately, there are recourses for this type of problem. The main one I would consider in this case is filing a DMCA notice with the host. I looked into it and it appears that the site, despite being proudly Canadian, is actually hosted in the U.S.

    File a DMCA notice, you can find the template on my site, with abuse at pronicsolutions dot com. They will probably handle the matter pretty swiftly.

    The law provides you a lot of ways to deal with this, should that fail I have information on the company they get their access from and we can escalate. We can also file complaints with the advertisers if we wish, but that would have to be done BEFORE contacting the host.

    If you want any help with this, let me know. You can shoot me an email if you like.

    No matter what you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck with this and am here if I can help!

  5. Fagstein Post author

    Honestly, it’s not worth the effort for a few lines from one out of a thousand posts.

    I’ll settle for being the 6th Google result for

  6. Rob

    Hey, at least they kept your piece in tact. Mine they changed a few key paragraphs around to change the entire meaning of the articles.

    They’re a bunch of clowns.


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