Toronto bus transfers: fascist?

At French School Confidential: A comparison of Montreal and Toronto bus transfers.

I would only add that the main difference between the two is that Montreal transfers are designed to be read by machine (and bus drivers who understand their codes), while Toronto transfers are designed to be read by people.

I’ve always liked our punch-card transfer system. It just works, and has so far resisted modernization efforts that have changed just about everything from mechanical to electronic: Parking meters, thermostats, car windows/ignition/steering/locks, radio tuners… How long before the transfer goes too?

9 thoughts on “Toronto bus transfers: fascist?

  1. Carlos

    I don’t think this is so much about transfer so much as what they reflect about the city. As a Montrealer who just did a 2.5-year stint in the T-dot, I was amused at the metaphor. Montreal, lazy and relaxed, just getting the job done; Toronto, bureaucratic and orderly, ordering you to CONFORM, and yeah… fascist. Pretty accurate if you ask me.

  2. Christopher DeWolf

    “I figured that as well, but what are we replacing them with? What will people who pay their fare in cash get back to use as a transfer?”

    The transfers will be a paper ticket with a magnetic strip, similar to what the weekly passes are like now. So really, not a huge change.


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