Montreal Geography Trivia No. 6

Monday went by and I totally forgot about the geography question this week. Christmas shopping (and writing stories to be published over the holidays) have gotten the better of me.

So here we go, another what-do-these-things-have-in-common quiz:

  • Ste. Thérèse
  • Du Moulin
  • Rochon
  • St. Jean
  • St. Pierre

Go fish.

UPDATE: Yul B. has the answer below. They’re all (mostly) undeveloped islands in the waters immediately adjacent to Montreal. Ste. Thérèse is the largest, next to the eastern tip of the island, Du Moulin and Rochon are north of the island in Pointe-aux-Trembles, and St. Jean and St. Pierre are part of the Iles de Boucherville.

5 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 6

  1. Yul B.

    They’re all uninhabited islands off the eastern part of the Montreal.

    (And MapArt users get shafted again, just like with Dorchester in Montreal East, since MapArt doesn’t include Île St. Pierre…)

  2. Michel

    Except for Rochon, they’re all incorrectly spelled in the topographical sense? In other words, the periods should be removed and the words hyphenated?
    Just a guess.


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