Business contacts are like magic

La Presse reports that a Montreal company has been given a contract by the Pakistani government to run a voter registration database which will be used in an upcoming election.

The company in question is Cronomagic, a tiny ISP that I used to work for (my first, and so far only, job in the IT industry). I was their 4th employee at the time, so I got to makeup my own job title (Executive Vice-President in Charge of Doing What My Bosses Told Me To Do). It was there that I learned how to manage a room full of computers, how to setup Windows 2000 Server (ugh) and how to make Bash and Perl do funny things together.

Most importantly, I learned the power of connections. Back then a lot of business came from Pakistan because the president had business contacts there. Now it seems those contacts have gotten the company some sweet business.

UPDATE: A story from CanWest and another from Agence France-Presse, with basically the same information.

One thought on “Business contacts are like magic

  1. Tom Anderson

    Well I have been working for the same company for last 10 years and I don’t remember any one with designation (Executive Vice-President) . Not every thing works with a connection, we are MSN Arabia partners for last 4 years and this does not come with connections we have proven track record. Yes our company was small back in late 90’s and it grew to over 100 employees world wide today. Remember to look at the history and every successful company started from a Garage. Don’t forget Microsoft and similar examples.


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