Jon Lajoie

I’ve spent the last hour watching Jon Lajoie videos after being reminded of them by The Domster.

I talked about one of his videos in December, but really they’re all good. I hesitate to recommend any specific ones because that would imply others are less good, but Everyday Normal Guy has a sequel for a reason:

Did I mention he’s a Montrealer? You can see some hints of that in some of his videos.

UPDATE (Feb. 22): More info from Cyberpresse.

4 thoughts on “Jon Lajoie

  1. Dominic Arpin

    In fact, he lives on the south shore. Everyday normal guy was shot in Brossard, on the roof of one of his friend’s condo. It’s also one of my favorite. Aurions-nous enfin un point en commun??? ;-)

    -The Domster

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  3. dude

    Looks like he’s a fan of Flight of Conchords… both with the ‘confidence’ comment and ‘my friend steve’ being from one of their songs…


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