Manhunt is back

Season 3 of Manhunt Montreal begins on Sunday with what is becoming a tradition: the St. Patrick’s Day Manhunt.

Sunday, March 16th, 11:00 AM, at René Lévesque & Crescent.

For those of you new to the idea, I’ll explain (by excerpting my first ever article for The Gazette, printed almost two years ago):

Manhunt is essentially hide-and-seek with a twist: once players are caught, they become hunters. As more and more are assimilated, it gets harder to tell if another player is predator or prey.

“We encourage deception,” said organizer Philip Paynter, a political science and economics student at Concordia University.

Paranoia is part of the fun. Hunters pretend to be prey to create a false sense of security, and the prey in turn try to fool hunters by pretending they’ve already been caught.

Players wear bright orange armbands to distinguish them from pedestrians, and are required to keep inside the eight-block boundary. Players must also stay outside and on public property.

After 30 minutes, anyone who hasn’t been caught is declared a winner, and invited to brag about it.

Sadly I won’t be able to make it as I’ll be helping out with the parade itself. But I’m looking forward to the fun running around outside that Manhunt brings on a biweekly basis during the summer.

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