Gazette editor-in-chief starting blog

Andrew Phillips, The Gazette’s editor-in-chief, is kicking the tires on a new blog in which he’ll discuss the behind-the-scenes inner workings of the newspaper and cry over wax poetically about the current status of the newspaper industry. Look for real posts at Ask the Editor starting soon.

What would you like to hear from the editor-in-chief of a major metropolitan daily newspaper?

1 thoughts on “Gazette editor-in-chief starting blog

  1. Dom

    I’d like to know why the Gazette doesn’t have a Corrections page like the Globe (I know most Canwest papers don’t have one but I’d like an explanation that goes beyond that.)

    I’d like to know his excuse for not having a better website for the Gazette, especially for finding articles in the archives.

    And I’d like to know what a typical day for him is like, what are the most challenging parts of the job, what stresses him out etc…


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