Car carnage

On my way home tonight from work, my bus was detoured off of Ste. Catherine Street around my transfer point. Having a few minutes to wait for my connection, I wandered back to the corner of Ste. Catherine and St. Denis to see what happened. I figured from the overturned phone booth and broken glass that there had been some vandalism.

Then I saw this:

Police car from front

Near as I can tell, the police car (marked “media relations”) was driving down St. Denis Ste. Catherine, while a passenger car was driving on Ste. Catherine St. Denis. The police car broadsided the passenger car, sending it into the southeast corner where it took out the traffic light/lamppost and phone booth, spreading glass everywhere.

Fortunately, it didn’t look as though anyone was seriously hurt. The front end of the police car absorbed much of the force of the impact as it was designed to do.

A gallery of shots from the scene appears below (thank you, WordPress 2.5!)

4 thoughts on “Car carnage

  1. Blork

    Wait a sec… if the civilian car is smashed on the passenger side, and if that was caused by the cop car, then the civvy must have been driving the wrong way up Ste. Catherine. (In your scenario, the cop would have hit the civvy on the driver’s side.)

    Was the driver’s side also smashed?

  2. Fagstein Post author

    You’re right. The other way around makes more sense, especially considering where the passenger car ended up.

    That also means the cop car did a 180 after crashing.

  3. Tim

    One step closer to confirming my suspicion that The Amazing Fagstein is, in fact, Peter Parke—I mean, um, Spider-Man.

    Nice shots. J J Jameson will be pleased.


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