Maisons Neuves

Ever hear of Maisons Neuves magazine? It’s a French-language ad magazine from Transcontinental, showing nothing but ads for people looking for new homes on the south shore.

Transcontinental can feel free to waste glossy paper and ink printing up ads that nobody will look at. But doesn’t the name of this magazine sound suspiciously similar to another local magazine we all know and love?

I can’t help but wonder if some ad sales rep introduces herself over the phone as being from “Maisons Neuves magazine” (or, since it’s in French, “magazine Maisons Neuves”) and causing confusion among a hapless advertiser.

But that’s just because I’m paranoid, I guess.

1 thoughts on “Maisons Neuves

  1. Klingon

    Maisonneuve magazine = literary vaporware. Every second month they promise to transform into something huge until the heir does the arithmetic with his trust fund and realizes it won’t work.


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