Montreal Geography Trivia No. 23

At 1.9 million, the most famous one is the first answer that would come to mind for most people in response to this question. But it’s actually third, behind one at 2.61 million and another at 2.01 million, near each end of the city.

And with a project under way at 1.92 million, it’s about to drop to fourth.

What is the question? And what do these numbers signify?

UPDATE: Here’s a hint: The “most famous one” is at Mount Royal (The mountain? Avenue? Town? Metro station? Train station?).

UPDATE No. 2: BruB gets it right below. The question is “What is the largest park in Montreal?”

Mount Royal Park is an obvious candidate at 1.9 million square kilometres (192 hectares). But it’s beat by a bunch of parks on the periphery (it’s sixth, not third, according to figures from the city):

  • Cap St. Jacques Nature Park, 288 hectares (2.9 million square metres)
  • Jean-Drapeau Park, 268 hectares (2.68 million square metres)
  • Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park, 261 hectares (2.6 million square metres)
  • Bois-de-l’Ile-Bizard Nature Park, 201 hectares (2 million square metres)
  • Anse à l’Orme Nature Park, 201 hectares (2 million square metres)

And the St. Michel Environmental Complex is being built into another huge park, which will measure about the same as Mount Royal Park in 15 years.

9 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 23

  1. Julie Belanger

    Number of travellers in Métro stations. Top being Longueuil and Montmonrency (or Henri-Bourassa, depending on what when you are counting I guess).

    Middle with 1,9 is Berri station.

    The question being : what is the busiest métro station in Montreal?

  2. HCD

    Which bridges carry the most traffic in Montreal? (?vehicles, or total passengers)

    1.9 million= ?Champlain bridge; probably traffic per month or per year.

  3. BruB

    I’ll try saying that the 1.9 millions is for Parc du Mont-Royal, but there is 2 bigger parks, Parc-Nature de Pointe-Aux-Trembles and Parc-Nature Cap St-Jacques. The things is I can’t really say what the number is for, acres, sqaure meter, number of trees…

  4. Shawn

    “Mount Royal Park is an obvious candidate at 1.9 million square kilometres”?

    This from a guy who copyedits for a living!

  5. Fagstein Post author

    Oops. I got mixed up in my units again. Depending on where you get your figures, they’re expressed in either square metres, square kilometres or hectares.

    All the more reason I shouldn’t be copy editing my own work. Oh well, no bonus for me this month from Fagstein WorldMedia Ltd.


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