Montreal Geography Trivia No. 28

What is this?

UPDATE (July 18): Nobody’s gotten it yet (beyond “it’s a fountain”), so here’s a hint:

Now does it seem clearer?

UPDATE: Finally we have the correct answer: It’s the artificial waterfall outside the Musée d’art contemporain at Place des Arts.

14 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 28

  1. Karine

    @Tim: OMG I go by La Joute every single day not knowing that’s what I’m looking at… My guess is it’s another broken water main.

  2. Shawn

    It can’t be the little waterfall outside the original plaza of the Palais des congres, across from Guy Favreau, can it? Don’t even think that’s turned on anymore,…

  3. Tim

    I went looking for inspriation on Flickr. “Fontaine Montréal” gives a lot of false positives (mostly on “parc la fontaine”) and scrolling through the results for “fountain montreal” you would believe there were only some six fountains in Montreal (Place Vauquelin, Place Montreal-Trust, Carrée Saint-Louis, Centre de commerce mondiale, Complexe Desjardins and Place d’Armes).

    Apparently I needed to look up “matching skirt” in my keyword search.

    So, my final answer is “Place des Arts” (*locks in his answer*)


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