Fireworks quality scale

Impressed looks from small children: Good.

Surprises you didn’t expect: Better.

Perfect synchronization with cool music: Great.

Cheers and applause from the crowd: Awesome.

Having to take a shower when you get home because you’re covered in soot: Total pwnage.

5 thoughts on “Fireworks quality scale

  1. DAVE ID

    Bryan. For my stay in Chicago I’m staying near Millennium park where the river meets the lake and they have festivities and fireworks almost every night. And with the echo of th other buildings on the 27th floor, it sounds like you’re in a war zone sans the debris and body parts.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    The crowd shot is taken at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, near where René-Lévesque and Notre-Dame meet. The entire area is closed off to traffic and filled with crowds because of the great view it has.


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