More traffic to Gazette blogs solves newspaper crisis

Andrew Phillips posts a graph showing that traffic to The Gazette’s blogs has more than quadrupled over the past year. I’ll go ahead and assume it’s because I keep linking to them.

Stephanie Myles’s frequently updated Open Court tennis blog is by far the most popular in terms of page views. It’s also by far the most updated (about as much as all the other ones combined).

UPDATE (Aug. 7): Andrew also points out a huge increase in traffic to the Habs Inside/Out blog, which is getting regular updates on the Mats Sundin situation from resident funnyman Mike Boone.

2 thoughts on “More traffic to Gazette blogs solves newspaper crisis

  1. BdgBill

    I like the idea of the “On Two Wheels” bicycle column but you would think they would be able to come up with at least one post per day in the middle of the summer during peak bicycling season.

    I have a list of blogs I read daily but usually drift away from the ones that don’t post at least once every weekday.


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