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A lack of interest by youth in politics is a problem in many developed countries. I’m not sure exactly why the youth is so disinterested. Perhaps they don’t understand how important democracy is. Perhaps they’re jaded by our first-past-the-post system which makes their vote pointless. Or perhaps with school, relationships, finding a job and smoking pot they’re just too busy to care.

But if you took a poll of young non-voters, I’m pretty sure that “inability to text-message party leaders” would not rank highly on the list of reasons they’re not participating.

So why do people pretend that this will make a difference?

I’m all for making things more accessible and increasing the avenues of communication. But when old people reduce youth to nothing more than text messaging and Facebook, I find that just a bit insulting.

2 thoughts on “Txt the vote!

  1. Jean Naimard

    Kids see very well the oxdung that surrounds politics, and obviously facing a bleak future of gainless dull meaningless employments (thanks to the boomers who took everything and left them nothing but crumbs) do not see anything positive in a future that will be clouded by the tremenduous debt run-up by their elders and an environment ravaged for the wealth of a few oligarch.

    They see pretty well that their vote only counts as a tiny piece of ballot, and being rocked by the extremely individualistic culture spewed forth by the boob-tube, they cannot fathom that by holding together, they could move mountains.

    And also there is the tremenduously important matter of whether the Habs will win the cup this season…

  2. Michele

    I totally agree. Texting the party leaders – I’m not a ‘youth voter’ but even I find this condescending.

    I wish younger people realized just how few of them vote. Just checked: According to Elections Canada, turnout in the 2000 general election was only 22.4% among 18-20-year-olds, while among the oldest generations (those over 58), it exceeded 80%.

    Every time young voters fail to show up, they effectively double (or more) the weight of a boomer’s vote (and their priorities!). I’d like to see some posters up outside the universities and colleges saying that.


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