Interesting results when you look deep

It was boring, yet fascinating. The big picture didn’t change much, with the Conservatives still just below majority territory, then the Liberals, Bloc, NDP and two independents. But looking at the individual regions, plenty of stories to be told:

I’m sure I missed some other interesting local stories. Feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “Interesting results when you look deep

  1. Philip Moscovitch

    What’s also interesting in Nova Scotia is that the NDP garnered almost the same popular vote as the Liberals, and that the Halifax riding proved that Alexa McDonough’s broad, non-partisan appeal wasn’t limited to her appeal. Newcomer Megan Leslie kept the riding.

  2. Josh

    That’s true Phil, however the Dippers did lose Yukon which they had held going back to the MP days of another former leader, Audrey McLaughlin.


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