No more Emru

Emru Townsend, the guy whose search for a bone marrow donor became an Internet campaign to get people to register, and who found a match but kept the campaign going, died Tuesday night after it became clear the cancer was too much for the transplant.

The hope now is that others won’t have to face the same fate.

UPDATE: PC World, which he contributed to, has an obit (via mtlweblog) with links to some of his articles, including the 10 worst (console) games of all time.

The Gazette also has a longer obit posted, at least part of which was compiled before his death when it was clear he wouldn’t make it.

2 thoughts on “No more Emru

  1. Jack Ruttan

    I’m so sad to hear about this. Been reading him for years as a computer and animation writer, and even remember him posting online on the local BBS network before the web got big.

  2. Tamu

    Emru’s Gazette obituary was written the day after he died. I was called the next morning for information and most of that information is in the article. The person who wrote the article had written an article on him earlier in the year though.


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