Koodo: We don’t mean what we say in our ads

Paul Jay at CBCNews.ca called Koodo out over the fact that they call fixed-term contracts and system access fees “sleazy” in an ad when Telus, which owns Koodo, has fixed-term contracts and charges system access fees.

A day later, Koodo responded, saying they don’t really mean that the others are “sleazy” but they just needed to attract people’s attention in the ad:

I don’t think here we have any belief that there is anything really being done by any of the other carriers to trick or to be sleazy…

So there you go. Don’t believe Koodo’s ads, because Koodo doesn’t even believe them.

2 thoughts on “Koodo: We don’t mean what we say in our ads

  1. Mr. D

    Looks like a lot of people believed their ads seeing as Koodo was tops on J.D. Power’s 2008 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction Study.


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