This is what it’s come to folks: Snow is the No. 1 story in this city in 2008.

Now, it would be easy to blame the media for over-hyping this issue, pushing snow as news during a season when very little other news happens.

Instead, I blame you.

You who talk about nothing but the weather, who whine incessantly about how there has been snow on your street for a whole five minutes and the city hasn’t done anything about it yet. You who want your street cleared ASAP but are too lazy to move your car out of the way first. You who made the Weather Network one of the few networks not to face a significant downturn this year. You who are so disconnected from society that the weather is the only conversation material you have available in half your conversations.

It’s snow. Get over it.

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Gerard

    I agree that print media in particular does tend to shine too much light on what Quebecers should already know to be the truth: winters here are long, bitterly cold at times, and there’s often lots of snow. But could it be that the result of any “year-in-review” synopsis will be similar, especially when we begin & end the year with the same type of weather? Sure we may not reach record-breaking snow accumulation or low temperatures, but when close to 6 months of a past 12-month period are cold, snowy, slushy winter months, it kind of makes sense that, when you cast your mind back, thoughts are centered on that time period. By the same token, can we (citizens, bloggers, journos etc.) stop bitching about how summers here have essentially sucked lately? Not hot enough, too much rain and overcast skies etc. etc. I mean, this is Canada, not Atlanta, or Alabama, not Cuba or some tropical locale…..why should we expect perfectly dry summers with clear blue skies and little rain, if we aren’t to expect temperate winters? Suck it up, and if you can’t, save up some money and move further south for the summer you desire, that should be the refrain no? (I often wonder why discourse on summer weather is much less evident beyond what occurs between friends talking about how the jazz fest sucked with all the outdoor shows being sandwiched between frequent downpours…)


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