Bell answers to no one

A standards body that Bell Canada doesn’t belong to has reached a decision in a case that Bell refused to participate in, where the only evidence was heard by Bell’s chief rival (Rogers), and has ruled against Bell, only to have Bell outright reject the ruling and do nothing about it.

Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Now Bell can continue to claim to be Canada’s fastest network, even though a ridiculously one-sided decision has said that’s not true.

2 thoughts on “Bell answers to no one

  1. Dennis

    I hated Bell, they charge so much. They billed me for no reason once, and I called back and the credited the amount. Now I am with Fido. Internet is still with Bell though, waiting for the contract to end.

  2. Jamie

    rogers (and therfore Fido)sucks. they have almost no phones on their tiny 3g network. their ‘high speed’ netowork is spotty at best, consisting of less than half of its national network coverage. They have only 48% of the coverage that Bell and Telus have. If you plan on leaving your city’s core, expect to lose service all together. Oh and their data plans are outrageously priced. all those clowns that bought Iphones got robbed! trends are great. for entertainment!


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