Find the hole in CTV’s logic

From CTV’s press release:

When major events happen at home or abroad, Canadians turn to CTV. This was proven once again yesterday when 78% more viewers tuned into the CTV NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: THE INAUGURATION OF BARACK OBAMA, than coverage on CBC or Global combined. A total of 841,000 viewers watched the coverage on CTV from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., while 236,000 viewed on CBC and 236,000 also viewed on Global.

I have a feeling more Canadians turned to CNN than CTV, but that doesn’t help their incessant penis-measuring contest.

UPDATE: Therrien has the numbers for TVA/RDI, for those who are curious. More people watched it on TVA than CBC or Global.

3 thoughts on “Find the hole in CTV’s logic

  1. DAVE ID

    Good observation. And if it’s to be believed by the fact that most networks crashed, most people were watching on the internet from work. Even our network which has the kind of bandwidth you can only dream of, almost crashed.

  2. dan

    i viewed portions of the ceremony on all three channels as well as their american counterparts because i’m an underemployed nerd interested in this type of thing, and i have to say that ctv was one of the best. all of the other networks either had incessant narration or distracting graphics. the best overall, in my judgement, was the american network abc which had little more than a dilluted bug in the corner for most of the broadcast and a restrained anchor (gibson, i believe). ctv was a close second, though, followed by the cbc.


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