Board games I’d like to play

Sure, there’s Montreal-as-Boardwalk Monopoly, but how about some board games that are all-Montreal?




I have no clue how this game is supposed to work, but it looks fun. Spotted in a forum post.

Montreal Risk

Montreal Risk

I played this at a Geek Montreal GeekOUT, and won. (Hint: Controlling the West Island is key.)

Sadly, I wish I could point you to somewhere to buy/download/copy these things, but my searches have come up empty. So just stare at the pictures and imagine the fun of some day conquering the Plateau.

9 thoughts on “Board games I’d like to play

  1. Chris

    Technically, Mile End is part of the Plateau so there is no inaccuracies on that front. If not putting Mile End in is inaccurate, then there are a whole bunch of other little neighbourhoods are missing as well.

    Park-Ex is part of the borough that shares a name with Villeray and St-Michel so really, just parts of (an extremely long) borough name are missing.

  2. Caroline

    Is that Montreal Risk just a printed map played with regular Risk tokens? That is so full of WIN!
    And forget about nuking Longueuil…let’s nuke Laval instead! the whole damn thing

  3. Joel

    Hello everyone. I actually made that Risk map. I redid the graphics from a previous persons layout.
    If enough people want a larger scale version i would be glad to reproduce them as posters if there are enough buyers to cover my time and printing cost.


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