Un gros merci

About a week and a half ago Mike Boone wrote a column about a discarded tea bag he found at the Georges-Vanier metro station (hey, it’s a slow news week), asking why we’re so disrespectful to our public places that we can’t walk the extra five feet to the trash can. The column sparked a lot of response.

I found it funny because at about the same time he spotted that tea bag, I used the station for the first time since its renovation and found this, thanking users for dealing with the station’s summer-long closure:

Un gros merci

3 thoughts on “Un gros merci

  1. Colin

    According to:
    this station only has 736,976 passengers entering the station annually, or around 2000/day. It’s also only about half a kilometre from Lucien-L’Allier and around 750 m from Lionel-Groulx. Building this station (and more recently, renovating it) was a rather expensive way to serve a fairly small number of people. It probably would have been cheaper to just run a shuttle bus through the neighbourhood to the two adjoining stations, and speed up the trips of everybody else on the trains.

  2. David Pinto

    If you click on the Georges Vanier link provided by Collin, the site says that this is the only station not served by a bus line.
    It also has another distinction: There is no dep within the station. I don’t know if there are other stations without deps, but I imagine that there are not very many.


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