Journal Daily Digest: Jack to the rescue

NDP leader Jack Layton roared into town on Wednesday and stole the show for this week. In a meeting with locked-out Journal de Montréal workers, he lent his support, denounced the use of scabs and said he’s written to the prime minister asking that federal advertising be pulled from the paper until its union conflict is resolved.

Seeing an opportunity to get his name in the media again, Denis Coderre also wanted to make sure we know that the Liberals support the workers.

[Insert rebellious song title pun here]

Eric Goulet

Quebecor sucks!

In the wouldn’t-have-been-printed-in-the-Journal category:

We like freelancers, trust us!

The STIJM makes a case for the support of freelance journalists with the Association des journalistes indépendants du Québec. Though it admits that fighting for freelancers isn’t its primary mission, it says it tried to get some union protection for freelancers at the Journal and has opposed onerous contracts that demand excessive rights waivers.

Meanwhile, in other news

1 thoughts on “Journal Daily Digest: Jack to the rescue

  1. François Coupal

    Never read the Journal de Montréal (except on a table at a cheap restaurant), but I’ve begun to read Rue Frontenac since it’s birth.

    Quebecor needs a hard punch to the nose for all their backwater management tactics. I just hope the JDM union will be the one to deliver it.

    Makes me bitter I got Internet from Videotron sometimes…


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