Loblaws offers free* green bin

Loblaws green bin

From The Gazette’s Green Life blog: Loblaws is giving away free green shopping bins to people who buy at least $60 worth of groceries (not including alcohol and other non-food stuff) and have this coupon, until April 30.

As a regular user of the green bin, I can attest that it’s the most convenient way of hauling a medium-size load of groceries home (so long as you don’t use the stairs too much). My only quibble is that if you’re spending $60 on groceries, you’re probably not going to be able to fit it all into the bin (or if you do, it’s going to be really heavy).

14 thoughts on “Loblaws offers free* green bin

  1. JohnF

    At least in the city of Montreal proper, you can visit an eco centre and get up to three green boxes / year free. They’re very solidly built, and have a cool stacking feature. Aliigned in the same direction they stack inside each other, but rotated 180 degrees they click onto each other, leaving the space in the lower container free for your recycling.

  2. Jim Todd

    This appears to be chain-wide. I just checked the Zehrs site for my area, and it has the same offer for the green bin

    1. Fagstein Post author

      As I said, I use it regularly to carry my groceries on the metro.

      It’s not in the picture, but there are two nylon straps that allow you to carry the bin with one hand.

  3. Alastair Yates

    WOW, Loblaws is trying to help people out (after introducing the $0.05/bag fee, and people complain about it. I could understand if they MADE you use these, but not when they’re giving them away!


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