So green that stuff is growing on the walls

The STM has put stickers on the floor of metro stations touting the fact that they’re using 100% biodegradable cleaning products to clean up things like … the glue left by sticking ads to the floors.

Behold, the environmentally-friendly clean metro station!

Behold, the environmentally-friendly clean metro station!

They might have skipped the Guy-Concordia station, considering how disgusting it still is.

7 thoughts on “So green that stuff is growing on the walls

  1. Alex T.

    They even installed some of those things on the arriving platform at Cote-Vertu. Only readable if you’re headed direction Cote-Vertu! (which means no one).

  2. Jean Naimard

    Half the Métro stations of the original network were designed by city engineers, and half by architects.For example, Guy was designed by engineers (and some art and decoration was slapped-on to make it less bland), and Peel by architects. Beaudry, Frontenac, Sauvé, Crémazie: engineers, Bonaventure, Atwater, Sherbrooke, Place d’Armes, Mont-Royal: architects.
    Now, guess what previous experience with underground structures city engineers had before doing the Métro (wow! That’s a mouthful!)???
    This is why half of the original stations look like sewers: they were made by sewer makers.

  3. ladyjaye

    There are talks of revamping St-Laurent station, but how about Guy-Concordia, Papineau or Frontenac? If there’s one thing that improved on the metro network with the years, it’s the architecture (at least on an aesthetic if not practical point of view). Compare the original stations (the downtown core) to the rest and the contrast is quite sharp…

    And I agree, at the very least they could make an effort to make Guy station (and other similarly-plagued stations) look like it isn’t rotting away.


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