Montreal Geography Trivia No. 40

Montreal Geography Trivia No. 40

What is the name of this bridge, and what two islands does it connect?

You only get points for a complete correct answer.

UPDATE: Michael Forian gets it right on all counts below. It’s the Lachapalle Bridge, connecting the 117 from Montreal Island to Île Jésus. The photo is taken from a bike path that passes under the bridge on the Montreal side.

5 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 40

  1. Robin

    if i’m not mistaken it’s the train bridge that connects ile notre dame with ile de la Gouvee, and I think it’s technically part of the victoria bridge.

  2. Jean Naimard

    Actually, this is the Cartierville bridge. The Lachapelle bridge is the newer span (seen in black — comeon, you could have been bolder and cross to Laval to take your picture!).


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