Boulos defends Harel

Karim Boulos, the anglo at Vision Montreal, wants us to know Louise Harel is not to be feared by our people. As a Liberal and federalist, even he can find a way to support her, because she believes in the same things Benoît Labonté believes in: centralization and improving services and bring more environmentally friendly and cookies and puppies and happy children and such.

He promises to highlight electoral platforms “as soon as the parties render them public”.

I’m waiting too.

12 thoughts on “Boulos defends Harel

  1. Vahan

    Why has Montreal suddenly become the dumping ground for failed provincial (Quebec City) politicians? More of us have to get out there and vote. Vote for what is best for Montreal not for the career of Harel or Tremblay. These blotted carcasses of “politicians past” have to be pushed back into the dark murky waters of the past decades and forgotten about.

  2. Didi47


    I must say I admire your trusting spirit when you say you are willing to give Harel the benefit of doubt – when she or her reps claim – her Separatist ‘divisive ethnocentric distaste of anything and anyone English, will not come in to play – if she becomes mayor of Montreal – where the English speaking population is the majority (a much hidden fact) !

    I betcha, that if (God forbid) she would win – her TOP priority will be to destroy, as quickly as possible… anything other than the French face of Montreal!!!

    I doubt she or her cohorts have by some miracle, seen the light or any light… that recognizes any human rights to anyone who does not or will not – boot step obediently behind her hate those anglos parade!

  3. Maria Gatti

    I’m definitely voting Projet Montréal, not for Harel – and I don’t think Labonté gives a rat’s left ear about the environment. But I can’t abide the way the Gazette and a chorus of their “regulars” dump on her as if she were Pol Pot or Idi Amin. Harel has accomplished a lot more than many other politicians in Québec City, and has a strong record on women’s rights and social issues.

  4. A fellow citizen

    Dear Mr. Fagstein,

    Mr. Boulos has been my borough councillor representative for the last 4 years. I cannot begin to tell you the immense progress that has been done since his arrival. For example; cleanliness, communication, frequent face to face meetings with concerned citizens as well as merchants. More than any other representative regardless of party affiliation in the last 10 + years. Just ask anyone living in Shaughnessy village, TRADAU (will not explain do your homework) and any local merchant and mention his name you will see the response you get. I will vote for HIM and not the new leader of Vision party as my representative. I would rather have him on our side than one of her separatist side-kicks (which he is not !).

  5. Enkidu

    Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? She’s another “boss des békossses” who wants to be sole ruler of the island, like Bourque wanted to be. I’d rather have Tremblay, at least with him the burroughs can decide things for themselves….

  6. Marc

    Didi47 says: “Montreal – where the English speaking population is the majority (a much hidden fact) !”

    Do you have any Census figures or other relevant data to support your claim?

  7. LIONna

    karim is HIGHlarious. he’s got that sweet talking politician john molson school o business bullshitting tone thing going for him.

  8. Fairness


    I am an alumni of JMSB. Are you saying that JMSB students are trained to BULLSHIT their way into things ???


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